Welcome to my new blog! Plus a new video, and a tour up to the northeast!

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Happy Fourth of july!

I’ve been trying for several years now to send out a monthly newsletter, and I’ve failed miserably.  I’ve even failed to send it out quarterly, which was my new year’s resolution.  I’m now up to a semi-annual newsletter, with a monthly blog, which I’m bound and determined to keep up with!  Of course I don’t know when during a particular month I am going to write it, so unfortunately, neither will you.  I hope you will click on the “Follow Blog” link to the left so you can have it delivered via email to your inbox when I do.

Since I’m new to blogging, I have no idea if these posts will be long or short, pithy or mundane, sarcastic or sentimental.  My guess is they will sometimes be all of the above.  But what I hope for here, is a conversation with you.  I’ve enjoyed talking to people on facebook, but so many of my friends aren’t on facebook, and a lot of people who have never even heard one of my songs are “friending me”  just to try to gain popularity.  It has left me thinking, “what if I was talking to people who really know me and/or my music?  What if I could stay in touch with the wonderful people I meet out on the road, and here on the internet too, who aren’t on facebook?  So that’s what I’m hoping will happen here. Besides, this way I won’t be forced to send emails to poor unsuspecting fans who just want to know when I’m performing in town, and really don’t care if I’ve just fallen in love with a rock star, gotten arrested for stalking him, and finally convinced him to marry me.  Or not.

a new video – Happy Birthday America!

I’ve been REALLY busy for the last year  since my CD “Let The Storm Roll In” came out.  But I’ve had an idea for a video of my song “Big Country” for that long, and this year I was determined to get it done in time for the Fourth of July.  So here it is! It’s not a performance video, it’s more like a little mini movie with graphics from Ellis Island, national landmarks, and some footage taken during a blizzard in North Dakota – (about 90 miles from Grenora where my momma was born).   It even has a shot of my great grandparents Ole & Ingeborg in it! I  hope you will take a look at it, and please feel free to forward it on to your friends as a Fourth of July present.

Click on the photo to see the video.  It will be the one on the top left.


A NORTHEAST TOUR, and playing house concerts

 I’m back on the road in mid July.  I’m heading up north to perform in the big apple, the Adirondacks, Cape Cod, and outside of Boston.  July 22nd and 30th I’ll be doing some radio shows you may be able to listen to online, without having to come with me!  Click on the shows button in the navigation bar above to go to my website tour schedule.  It will list the venues where I’m performing, and also the times and links to the radio stations. While you’re there, take a look at my Autumn dates too.  I’ll be down in the southeast and back out to the west coast.  Maybe down to Texas.  If you see a hole in my schedule, and you would like to try to host a house concert for your freinds that night, just send me an email.  Have you ever been to a house concert? I play a lot of them all over the country, and last month my downstairs rental apartment was vacant so I decided I should take advantage of the extra space and host my own. And yes, I was the artist.  It was a smashing success.  About 27 people came, and several were members of a gourmet group so the potluck was superb!  We also had lovely weather, and a stunning sunset.  (I live on the Cumberland River) I am told the concert wasn’t bad either.   If you think you might be interested in having me do a concert at your house for your friends some time just let me know.  I LOVE the intimacy of playing house concerts.  It’s not a lot of hassle.  Just send invites out to your friends and tell them it’s pot luck and BYOB.  Then round up some chairs, paper plates, cups, and cutlery.  Oh, and put a basket on the table with a “$15 suggested donation for the artist” sign.

Happy house concert guests…


what I’ve been up to So Far This year…

I back-posted my January newsletter (see Archives) but not having sent out a newsletter since then, I should mention these highlights of the last six months…

In January I was back down in Savannah, GA, to play some venues I’ve played before (always nice to be invited BACK!) and to hang out a little with some friends that I have loved for over a decade. Then it was up to Boise, ID where I played a little music, saw family I have sorely missed, and discovered I can drive a snowmobile as badly as I do my SUV.  I also discovered that age has not made me any more prudent when it comes to adventure.  I apparently have never found a conditioner that can tame that wild hair.  I was also down in Southern California where I made some new friends, saw old friends that have on many occasions been my anchor in this world, and played some great gigs. (Again a couple I have played before!) Then it was up to Northern CA where I saw more family, more old friends, and played even more fun gigs!

Spring shows included a run up to Iowa to play a new venue (thanks Nancy!), Nebraska where I’ve had some wonderful radio support (thanks Debbie), Minnesota where I not only saw family I haven’t seen in a decade, but got to eat some of my fave Norwegian food: Lefse (kind of a thin potato pancake) and Rollepulsa.  Rollepulsa is a spiced meat that has been marinated – originally reindeer, but now usually beef, pork, or veal.  Yep that’s right, my tribe eats Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Comet, etc… Then it was down to Chicago, where my song “Big Country” got me an invite to tour Obama’s National Campaign Headquarters.  In May I went back out to Northern CA and did it all again.

In early May and June I was honored to be chosen for the official showcase for BOTH the Boston and Washington DC Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conferences!  It was  wonderful to get to meet a couple of the WUMB DJs who had my CD in serious rotation last summer.

Boston: Looking down at my guitar like it’s my baby…which of course it is!

Well that’s about it for this post.  Before you leave this page, I hope you will click on the link to your left that says “Follow blog via email”, or join me on Facebook or Twitter.  If you haven’t been to my website before (or for a while), please also check out my news page and see the wonderful response I had to my latest CD.  And if you haven’t seen the “Miss Kitty” video with its great Gunsmoke footage,  do check it out on my video page.

Thanks for visiting.  Happy fourth and try not to set yourself on fire.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog! Plus a new video, and a tour up to the northeast!

    leahtots@comcast.net said:
    July 6, 2012 at 3:05 am

    looking at your concert dates.. Going to see if we can come to the one in carmel valley.. Gotta check it out with the kids…
    Leah Longstreth.
    friends from St Peters

      Claudia Nygaard responded:
      July 6, 2012 at 3:34 am

      I would love to see you! I hope you can come.

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